Coega Maths and Science Programme Recruits New Learners for 2021

Special Economic Zones

The Coega Maths and Science Programme (MSP), a Corporate Social Investment (CSI) initiative by the Coega Development Corporation (CDC) to improve the high school pass rate in the fields for Maths and Science, announced their enrolment period for the year 2021 commenced on the 1st of February 2021 and will be closing on 01 March 2021.

The programme, which contributes to communities on education and skills development has led to more learners undertaking studies in Science, Engineering and Technology, thereby reducing the gap between the supply and demand of critical and scarce skills.

With a target on kids from previously disadvantaged backgrounds, the programme has since its inception seen a steady increase of learners taking advantage of the opportunity.

“For years, the maths and science programme has been extensively involved in the moulding of young people. Resulting in increased numbers of learners being accepted in institutions of higher learning for science related courses due to improved marks obtained at the programme,” says Mr Mzoxolo Dube, Head of the Coega Foundation.

With the MSP explicit focus on Maths & Science, one of the requirements for learners is having completed grade 12 and passing all other subjects except for mathematics & science.

“Learners need to bring their statement of results as well as a copy of their South African Identity Document. The programme classes will start in the month of March until November, daily from Monday to Friday 08h00 to 16h00, in compliance with COVID-19 regulations,” highlights Eldon September, CDC Physical Science Facilitator.

All applications can be submitted at the (front gate) Coega Human Capital Solutions (HCS), Zone 4 in the Coega SEZ, Nelson Mandela Bay Metro. Alternatively, via email to or call (041) 404 3407.

“Due to covid-19 restrictions, the number of participants will be limited to only 100 learners, preference will be given to residents of the Nelson Mandela Bay,” says September.

Over the years, the programme recorded impressive results, affording many young people with an opportunity to upgrade their matric results and enrol for their field of choice. Yothando Sikhuza (20) and Sinovuyo Kostauli (21) are some of the students who have shown potential in terms of their growth and learning in the past year.

Since joining the programme they managed to get good marks, propelling them pursuing their dream careers within Science and Technology.

TOP OF THE CLASS: Sinovuyo Kostauli (21) and Yothando Sikhuza (20) through the MSP managed to pursue their dream careers in the field of medicine and Aviation sector.

Yothando highlights how the programme has benefitted her, “Taking part in the MSP was the best decision I have ever made after being rejected for medicine in all tertiary institutions I applied for after matric. I have developed holistically because of this opportunity;”

“I am now competent with a deep understanding of Maths and Science which are major requirements for the career I always wanted. I am currently studying towards my dream career in medicine with the University of Free State.”

Whilst on the other hand, Sinovuyo Kostauli is also enrolled and pursuing a career in the Aviation industry as she has ambitions of becoming a commercial pilot one day. She comments that, “I fell in love with planes through my exposure watching movies. I told myself, I must one day, do everything in my power to become one!”

“The programme didn’t just help me upgrade my matric results; It played a role of developing me into being a mature and responsible young lady. The Coega Maths and Science programme is a place where you discover your true potential.

In my life I never imagined myself passing maths and science with flying colours until Coega MSP made it possible,” says Sinovuyo.

“It is important to support young people and empower them with knowledge that will help improve the skills base for the EC and broadly that of the country. The success of the programme also depends on full commitment from learners.

“Therefore, we encourage young people to grab this opportunity with both hands. Through this opportunity we hoping it will unlock a number of opportunities for our youth,” concludes Mr Dube.

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