Compensation Fund records rising COVID-19 claims

Compensation Fund

The Compensation Fund on Thursday said that a total of 2 361 claims had been lodged for compensation with regard to being exposed to COVID-19 at work.

Of these, 1412 have been lodged directly with the Compensation Fund (CF) while 900 were lodged with Rand Mutual and 49 with Federated Employees.

Of those lodged directly with CF, the highest number of claimants come from Western Cape with 1068 claims. Liability has been accepted for a total of 590 cases, 115 repudiated, 363 are pending adjudication.

The second highest province with regard to claimants is Eastern Cape with 160 claims of which 78 have been accepted, 4 repudiated and 78 are pending adjudication.

The province of Kwa-Zulu Natal has the third highest number of claims at 108. A total of 67 have been accepted, 7 repudiated and 34 await adjudication. Gauteng is next with 54 claims of which 31 have been accepted while 7 were repudiated and 16 await adjudication.

From Mpumalanga, 17 claims have been received. A total of 13 have been accepted, 1 repudiated and 3 await adjudication. Limpopo has lodged 3 claims, one has been accepted and 2 repudiated while the North West has logged 2 cases, one has been repudiated and one awaits adjudication.

In overall terms, of all claims received directly by CF, 55% have been accepted, 9.7% have been rejected and 35.1% are pending adjudication.

“It is important to note that when we say the claim has been repudiated, this could change if we are given more information about the particular claim. This then should not be read as having had the door slammed in the face of the claimants.

“Where we accept the claim, this means that we have accepted the claim as a valid occupational injury or disease and we accept responsibility for the costs related to the claim (medical aid costs and disability costs). Those awaiting adjudication means the claims have been received but no decision has been made on the claim due to outstanding information or claim has not been attended to as yet,” says Vuyo Mafata, the Commissioner of the Compensation Fund

As part of its stated commitment to in dealing with the Coronavirus pandemic, the Fund:

  • Pays out for temporary disablement while the worker is in quarantine, self-isolation or hospitalized;
    • pays medical expenses; and
    • where, tragically, the illness results in a fatality, the Fund will pay out survivor benefits to dependents in the form of a monthly pension and funeral benefit.
  • In addition, during the lockdown the Fund boasts:
    • Over 20,000 claims registered in CompEasy by employers;
    • 146,000 medical invoices processed;
    • R 921 million was paid to healthcare practitioners for the period 01 April 2020 to 13 July 2020;
    • R15 million was paid in total temporary disablement benefits to beneficiaries; and
    • R276 million was paid to the 24,000 pension beneficiaries of the Fund.
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