Creating 1000 Tech Startups in Nelson Mandela Bay


Propella Business Incubator has partnered with Silicon Africa, a Durban based entrepreneurship and technology startup catalyst, that seeks to develop and assist entrepreneurs in growing their technology-based businesses.

The newly founded partnership aims to assist and develop aspiring tech entrepreneurs in Nelson Mandela Bay.

They aim to do this by introducing the 1000 tech entrepreneurs’ campaign which seeks to virtually develop and train aspiring entrepreneurs over a 5-day period.

Lindani Mkhize, CEO and founder of Silicon Africa said: “At Silicon Africa we believe that tech entrepreneurs are the ones to lead Africa through a sustainable economic development phase.

“We are proud of our partnership with Propella Business Incubator because it gives both organizations an opportunity to collaborate and give aspiring Nelson Mandela Bay tech entrepreneurs the opportunity to start their tech entrepreneurship journey”.

The 5-day programme is designed for anyone who has aspirations of starting their own technology company, no previous training or experience is required. The programme will run for a period of 5 days, beginning on 30 November, and ending on 4 December.

During the course of the programme the entrepreneurs will be taken through the various stages of starting a tech business, from the ideation stage where they only have an idea, right through to the minimum viable product (MVP) stage where they have the product or service in its most basic but functional form.

Nafeesa Dinie, of Propella said: “The collaboration between Silicon Africa and the Propella Business Incubator aims to stimulate and promote idea generation, creative design thinking and contribute to a vibrant entrepreneurial culture in the City.

“The programme aims to create a local pipeline of new tech start-ups. It is therefore a platform that brings together diverse participants who require know-how, tools and coaching to develop their start-up ventures.”

All those who are interested in joining the event can visit and search “1000 Tech Entrepreneurs Campaign Port Elizabeth”. They will then be able to register for the event and more detailed information will be emailed through to them.

With job cuts and unemployment on the rise due to Covid-19 there has never been a greater need to develop entrepreneurs with technology solutions, that can ease the burdens of everyday life, while also creating employment opportunities.

It is therefore important that the next generation of entrepreneurs are equipped with the necessary skills to build and maintain successful enterprises.

After completion of the 1000 Tech Entrepreneurs Campaign, participants are welcome to apply for the Propella Business Incubation programme.

The launch of this programme in the Bay is reflective of how partners can mobilise resources to increase outreach and drive new venture creation in the ICT, Digital Technology and 4IR sectors.

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