CS Catering Company delivers pre-made, home-cooked meals around Johannesburg

cs catering company

If you often find yourself overwhelmed with having to plan and cook meals in addition to juggling your busy daily work schedule, there is a solution – CS Catering Company in Randburg, Johannesburg.

CS Catering Company started in 1991, inspired by the cooking and recipes of the owner’s aunt and mom. Today, owner, Craig Suttie, continues that tradition and the company specialises in delivering pre-made home-cooked meals, including school lunch boxes and hot lunches delivered to the office.

The company also does platters and catering for corporate functions and occasions, as well as cakes and home-baked goodies.

Since many of us love farm fresh, but do not always have the time to drive out into the country, CS Catering also does door deliveries of a variety of fresh produce, meat and dairy products, fresh from the farm.

Meals and fresh produce are delivered for the week ahead, with a small delivery fee added, based on where you’re located.

If you work full time, there is no need to worry about cooking anymore – just order, heat and enjoy!

Home-cooked meals and baked goodies at CS Catering Company

All the meals prepared by CS Catering Company are home-made from scratch, and full of flavour, like those old recipes where it all began.

Visit their online store to order amazing Baked Goodies; Frozen Meals; Kiddies Delights; Muffins; Pies; Quiches; Soups; and sumptuous Vegetarian Meals.

Also see their Weekly Meals section, which offers a Budget Meal Plan; Diabetic & Allogan Meal Plan; Monthly Meal Plan; Vegetable Boxes; and a Vegetarian, Vegan Meal Plan.

They have not forgotten corporates needing catering for their events and functions with their offering of Spitbraais; Corporate Catering; Daily Dinner Delivery; and Jams, Sauces & Preserves.

Reviews by CS Catering Company fans

“So accommodating and exceptional service. Tasty fresh cooked meals down to perfection. Such friendly service 😊 thank you!” wrote Natalie Alexandra Strawson on their Facebook page.

Alicia Caroto added; “Craig from CS catering is a phenomenal chef. He catered a few parties and a funeral for me and really went the extra mile to ensure everything was perfect. He is professional and a pleasure to deal with. Thanks Craig.”

“Had the braised oxtail as part of the lunch menu today and it was INCREDIBLE. Rainy day, home cooked meal. Feeling so content. Thank you!” said Cara Nyschens.

CS Catering Company is located Parrot Street Bromhof, in Randburg, Johannesburg. Give them a call on +27 63 680 5134 or email info@cscateringcompany.co.za. Visit their website at cscateringcompany.co.za.

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