Digital Solutions Group honoured with Top Service Provider award at the annual BPESA GBS & BPO Conference and Alchemy Awards 2023

Digital Solutions Group

Digital Solutions Group (DSG) has been honoured with the award for Top Service Provider at the annual BPESA GBS and BPO Conference and Alchemy Awards 2023 for its collaborative partnership with MultiChoice. The company provides MultiChoice with inbound, outbound, NOC, lead generation and sales activations and Live Chat support. The partnership has significantly enhanced MultiChoices’ service delivery and business performance with some impressive metrics – so impressive that they went home with the prestigious award.

“We’ve always believed in doing something great and this recognition reaffirms our commitment to providing exceptional support services,” says Brandon Meszaros, CEO of CXG, one of the many solutions by DSG. “We’re honoured to have our efforts acknowledged and grateful for the opportunity to make a positive impact on the industry.”

Fast, efficient, responsive and engaging, DSG’s performance stood out with measurable metrics that met customer expectations and requirements. The company’s growth trajectory has been impressive at a 22% compound annual growth rate (CAGR) over six years. It has created more than 100,000 new jobs since 2018 with more than 85% of these extended to youth and 66% to women.

“The GBS sector represents what can be achieved when passion, innovation and inclusivity converge,” says Meszaros. “It’s not just about excellence in service, but in the recognition of people and delivering value on multiple levels. This award is a testament to our teams and their dedication and expertise – without them, this award wouldn’t be on the table.”

DSG is as focused on collaborative partnerships with employees as it is on customers, believing that people are the key to delivering exceptional service and engagement. More than 180 employees have undergone extensive training for DStv Digital Care and the company has dedicated resources supporting DStv Internet and LTE services.

“The goal has always been to improve experiences and enrich lives through our personalised engagements, value-driven service delivery and an agile approach to innovation and collaboration,” says Marlon Samson, Executive Head of Customer Care.

Find out more about DSG here

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