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Frontline Market Research (FMR) offers a professional mapping service that creates maps and other features to reflect business market data. This data can then be made available using various types of client applications.

Frontline has more than 20 years of market research experience and specialist research and Geographic Information Systems (GIS) staff with access to a broad range of research and GIS databases as well as specialist, purpose built technology.

Their expertise and experience in mapping business data is unmatched.

How is mapping defined, in terms of the services offered by Frontline Market Research?

“Mapping is creating visual insights into the market place, providing an understanding of where your customers are, where the opportunities for growth are, and the best ways of accessing and servicing these customers,” describes Vaughan Deacon, Client Relations Manager at Frontline.

He adds that there are benefits of using mapping services for a business wishing to get into the African market.

“As mentioned previously, the key output of mapping, in its simplest form, is the visual aspect of it,” Deacon describes.

“When moving into new territories in Africa, or even expanding existing ones, it helps to know where key distributors are located, as well as larger ‘Pareto’ outlets, for those first tentative steps into the market.

“Channel structures can also be assessed, and, if the data is available, knowing where your competitors are making their products available, also provides guidance to your market strategy.”

What are the mapping services offered by Frontline?

Deacon adds that, depending on their clients’ needs, Frontline can offer various mapping solutions.

“One of our key product offerings is our retail census, which entails walking the streets of the region that the client wants information on,” he describes.

“We profile and map each and every relevant outlet. This gives our client vital information on the market: they know exactly how many outlets are in the universe, where they are located, which outlets stock their products, which outlets stock their competitors’ products, and have an understanding of how these outlets purchase stock, and whether they have access to certain facilities such as electricity and fridges, which may be vital for your product etc.

“From here, we can work with the client is creating sales territories, and empowering the sales teams to use this information to best service their clients.

“Route optimization is also offered, to ensure efficiencies with both the client representatives, as well as delivery vehicles.

“Lastly, if GPS co-ordinates are not available, we offer a geo-coding service, which can create these co-ordinates from street address information.”

How is the FMR service different from other mapping services on the market?

Deacon says that the key element of the software that they use is that it is based in Microsoft Excel, so there is no need to import databases, change formats etc.

“Integration of existing data sets, and data from various sources, is easy, and simple, based on the known MS Excel environment,” he adds.

“Also, our extensive knowledge of the African markets makes the understanding of the value of this offering, so much more relevant.”

If you need trade data, such as census / population / demographic data or market-related data, Frontline Market Research has a vast footprint in Africa.

Call Steve Johnson, Director – Strategic Projects at Frontline Market Research, for a demonstration of how their mapping services can enhance your business. Call +27 86 999 0407 or today.Visit them online

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