How to write an article on your business for a website


Author: Graeme Lund

Below you will find a clear instruction on how to write an article on your business for a website.

The primary objective of the article (also called content advertising) is to have it appear in the search results for the name, goods and/or services offered by your business.  This is called Search Engine Optimisation or SEO.

How is this achieved?  By following the guidelines below

Key Search word

The first step is to choose a key search word.  This is the word or words that define the article. This word/s is to be repeated regularly.  If you are writing about your company then make your company’s name the key search word. If you are writing about a particular topic then make the topic your key search word.

Use of the Key Search Word

  • The keyword search word must appear in the first paragraph of the article.
  • The Keyword must appear in at least one of the sub-headings in the article.
  • The Keyword must be used once for every 100 words in the article but not more than 20 times.
  • All images in the article must be saved as the keyword.  Ie Joe’sWeddingDresses.jpeg

Number of words

Number of words of the article must exceed 300. Sentences must not exceed 20 words.

Writing style

  • The article must have at least two sub-headings.
  • Sentences should be short and precise. 
  • Paragraphs should contain no more than three sentences.


  • Each article must have a backlink to the company’s website.
  • Each article must have at least one other internal link. 
  • This is a link to another location on the same website. 
  • This link will be installed by the person who adds the article to the website.


  • The article must have at least one image and the image must be named and saved with the key word ie Joe’sWeddingDresses.jpeg.
  • More images can be use but these must also be saved with the key search words ie Joe’sWeddingDresses2.jpeg

Digital Citation

The article must conclude with the contact details of the company exactly as they appear on the Google Business listing and on the businesses website or Facebook Page.

Ideally, any location that a business has its contact details listed on the internet, the contact details must be the same.  Don’t have different telephone numbers and use the physical address description exactly the same on each location.

Write an article on your business for a website following the below two examples

The Village Lodge

Frontline Market Research

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