What is information technology?

Information Technology

By Jesica Slabbert

Information Technology, or IT, is defined as the use of computers or telecommunication systems to store data and information as well as sending and retrieving information. It is considered to be a subset of information and communications technology.

IT is a very important part of businesses as all modern businesses need to store important data and information on computers for future use.

In the world today there is a huge demand for those with IT qualifications as technology continues to develop and change. There are many work opportunities available for those with IT and Computer Science qualifications.

Those involved in IT need to be able to use and understand the technology that is involved in the development, maintenance and use of computers, their systems and software as well as all the networks that process and distribute all the data.

The types of data that can be stored range from information, facts and statistics about the business and employees.

The simple definition of Information Technology

In the modern day, IT can refer to anything that involves working with computers. Under the umbrella term for IT, you will find that the internet, software, computer hardware and networking all fall under the definition of Information Technology.

An example of what a person with a job in IT would do is to manage the network of servers for a company, which are the backbone of any company. As most office workers use computers it is up to the IT department to store their information and data on a much larger and more powerful computer called a server.

Some think that IT is the same thing as computer sciences, and though their meanings tend to overlap they focus on different things.

Computer Sciences mainly focus on programming and algorithms and are involved with the development of Artificial Intelligence (AI), while Information Technology is mostly involved with installing, maintaining and organizing computer systems.

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