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For over 20 years, Frontline Market Research (FMR) has provided an extensive range of market research services to multinationals, companies and entrepreneurs expanding into the African continent.

With a vast footprint in Africa, Frontline Market Research is certainly among the leading market research agencies on the continent. Their speciality is collecting highly-accurate data in many sectors, with a key focus on trade and market-related data.

The company also has experts and systems to turn that market data into tailored strategies that your business can use, to win in these markets.

What are the research services offered by Frontline Market Research?

“Frontline is primarily a quantitative market research agency, with our key focus being on trade research within the emerging / informal markets in sub-Saharan Africa,” describes Vaughan Deacon, Client Relations Manager at Frontline.

“This research ranges from long term tracking studies, to market entry solutions, bespoke strategic projects and geomarketing intelligence.”

He says retail tracking studies can be built around the clients specific needs, and usually revolve around reading a specific panel of outlets on a weekly, monthly, bi-monthly or quarterly basis.

“The desired outputs, granularity of the reporting & budgetary considerations, dictate the size of the panel & the frequency of the read,” Deacon explains.

“The data collected from these reads are trended over time, so the client can assess their actions, those of their competitors, and outside influences, on their market.

“Our market entry, or more accurately, our African market developer product, takes a modular approach to accessing, penetrating and growing within the various African markets.

“It is designed to provide the right level of, knowledge and insight, support for strategy formation, and advisory input to execution, to match the clients geographic expansion, and to suit the stage of their business development within each country. We provide deliverables when needed and the client never has to over-commit their budget.”

Deacon says this product is divided into four stages, with various modules available within each stage.

“The bespoke strategic projects are exactly that: customised, purpose built research projects, focussed on specific outcomes, or aiding strategic decision making.”

He explains that Geomapping intelligence allows for the visualization of data, via interactive maps, that allows for better planning, relating to logistics, or strategic decision making, focussing on competitor activity or defining sales territories.

And you will love their pricing model.

“Frontline does not offer ‘off-the-shelf’ pricing,” Deacon explains.

“We look at each client’s specific needs, and tailor our product around them. If there are budget issues, we work with them in order to realistically reduce costs, but still offer a reliable, valuable product.”

Deacon says their main focus has been the FMCG sector, which is quite broad.

“We have a long history of working with clients within the beverage industry, within this sector – both alcoholic & non-alcoholic, as well as the tobacco industry, snacking, health & beauty and food manufacturers,” he notes.

“We have also worked with global and local NGO’s such as the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation, USAID, Village Reach and the African Resource Centre, in delivering solutions within the rural and marginalized communities in Africa.”

Deacon adds that for a business to succeed in Africa, accurate market research is crucial.

“The key to our success, and that of our clients, has been our approach to the research,” he adds.

“Working with our clients to build a product that offers them actionable insights, while understanding the budget constraints, and working with them every step of the way.”

Call Steve Johnson, Director – Strategic Projects at Frontline Market Research, to find out how they can help with your market research. Call +27 86 999 0407 or email today. Visit them online at

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