No loadshedding expected on Monday, hopefully stays that way


Although not many people on social media were buying it, Eskom says South Africa is to expect no loadshedding on Monday. This is despite, despite a constrained and vulnerable system as factories and other businesses open for the New Year.

Eskom invited the ire of the public over the weekend when it implemented Stage 2 loadshedding – perhaps a preview of things to come in 2020?

The cause of the loadshedding was apparently a broken down conveyor belt at Medupi power station. Few people bought it, demanding Eskom and government to be transparent with the public about what’s really going on.

Eskom calls on South Africa to save electricity to avoid loadshedding

” As you prepare for the week ahead, remember that that the peak period for electricity in SA is between 17:00 and 21:00 on weekdays,” Eskom tweeted.

“Reducing your electricity usage during these times will help reduce the risk of loadshedding.”

South Africa’s economic growth forecast for 2020 has already been lowered by experts citing Eskom and loadshedding among their reasons.

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