The Servies SETA applications for Discretionary Grants are open

The Services Sector Education and Training Authority (SETA) is offering Discretionary Grant funding to boost skills development in the services sector to support Professional, Vocational, Technical, and Academic Learning (PIVOTAL) as well as Strategic Programs.

Recognising the pivotal role of skilled labour in driving economic growth, SETA is keen to address sectoral needs as described in the Sector Skills Plan (SSP).

By investing in skills development, particularly within the services sector, SETA seeks to bolster workforce capabilities, enhance employability, and ultimately contribute to sustainable economic growth.

Stakeholders eligible to apply for this grant include organisations operating within the services sector, ranging from education and training institutions to industry associations, and businesses directly involved in service provision.

The emphasis lies not only on meeting immediate skills needs but also on fostering a culture of continuous learning and adaptation to evolving industry requirements.

The application process for the Discretionary Grant funding represents a tangible opportunity for stakeholders to engage in collaborative efforts towards addressing skills mismatches, enhancing workforce productivity, and driving innovation within the services sector.

By leveraging this funding, as well as 12H tax allowances and 11A expenditure rebates (if the requirements are met), organisations can develop tailored training programmes.

When utilized in conjunction with the Employee Tax Incentive (ETI), companies can achieve fully funded training initiatives. Let LabourNet show you how through a Funding Model

The closing date for discretionary grant funding has been extended to 31st of May 2024.

For more information on the above topic, please contact LabourNet Eastern Cape at Regional Support: 087 292 5808. Contact: Phikolomzi Malamlela (060 6428 659) at pmalamlela@labournet.com or Lindy-Lee Roseberry (066 038 5551) at lroseberry@labournet.com or Robert Niemand (082 824 7359) at robertn@labournet.com

Visit our website at www.labournet.com

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