Stainless Design – a market leader in quality, design, installation of steel products and finishing

Stainless Design Balustrades

Based in Port Elizabeth, but with the ability to supply its products to all corners of South Africa and abroad, Stainless Design is a market leader in quality, design, installation and finishing of steel products.

Stainless Design is actually a division of Stainless Accessories, an ISO TS16949-accredited manufacturer of stainless steel exhaust components for various original equipment manufacturers (OEMS).

Because the auto industry is one of the most challenging industries globally – operating under extreme pressures of cost and time, the certification is only awarded to companies that have their processes under control; that understand their customers’ specific requirements and focus on continuous improvement.

Stainless Design was established in 1998 and has its roots in the automotive accessories export market – mostly supplying customers in the USA, Canada, United Kingdom, the Scandinavian Peninsula and Israel.

One does not need to think hard about the levels of quality and workmanship the company had to meet to be able to supply these markets.

Stainless Design patented self-locking balustrade system

From 2005 onwards, the company’s core business shifted. It utilised the skills and experience gained in the fabrication and mirror finishing of stainless steel products to design and develop its unique, patented self-locking balustrade system.

Initial design and prototype development commenced in 2007, with 2008 and 2009 focusing on aesthetic improvements, simplification of assembly and automation of production.

Stainless Design, along with their development partners, also completed several commercial and residential developments while refining the product and installation methods.

In 2009, the company began broad marketing of the balustrade system to both commercial and residential users. Consequently, Stainless Design also began developing a network of installers. Today, Stainless Design product distribution centres are dotted across South Africa, South America and Europe.

The balustrades come in a wide range of options including a variety of stainless steel and glass balustrades, hand rails, walk way and ramp rails and foot rails.

The stainless steel balustrades are manufactured with either vertical or horizontal struts.  The horizontal balustrades come in two forms – cable or swivel struts.  The glass balustrades can be fitted using a butterfly, slug, spigot or pressure system.

With experience in working with contractors, Stainless Design understands how to fulfil the most challenging of requirements. Their in-house team works closely with clients to ensure a smooth handover from specification to installation.

Continual investment has also boosted its production capacity to provide a guarantee of supply to large-scale contracting projects.

Compared with other offerings on the market, Stainless Design balustrade systems are remarkably durable – and can withstand the harshest weather as exhaustive tests at the Nelson Mandela University revealed; are aesthetically appealing and reasonably priced.

By sourcing raw materials from various South African steel suppliers for in-house fabrication, the company is also doing its part in growing the economy. This is in addition to imparting scarce trade skills to those working at its manufacturing facility and supporting small businesses that work as its distributors and installers.

Working on a residential or commercial project that needs the best stainless steel or glass balustrade? Find out how Stainless Design can make your vision a reality by contacting +27 80 11 11 012 or emailing To find a distributor or installer near you, click HERE.

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