Stainless Designs offer a great franchise opportunity

Stainless Design

The success rate of franchises is about 90% compared to a much lower rate of success (40 to 45%) for a typical independent small business.

Stainless Design, a market leader in quality, design, installation and finishing of stainless steel balustrades have recently offered franchises for their business model.

Stainless Design is a division of Stainless Accessories, an ISO TS16949-accredited manufacturer of stainless steel exhaust components for various original equipment manufacturers (OEMS). The company has been producing world-class stainless steel products since 1998.

Stainless Design patented self-locking balustrade system

In 2005 the Stainless Design division was launched where the company utilised the skills and experience gained in the fabrication and mirror finishing of stainless steel products to design and develop its unique, patented self-locking balustrade system.

Over time and from experience gathered through instillations, Stainless Design refined and expanded their product offering.

In 2009, the company began broad marketing of the balustrade system to both commercial and residential users. Consequently, Stainless Design also began developing a network of installers. Today, Stainless Design product distribution centres are dotted across South Africa, South America and Europe.

Reasons why Stainless Design is a great franchise opportunity

Apart from the fact that Stainless Design products are excellent, they are also simple to install.  From the outset, the company was determined to develop a range of products that required no welding, cutting or drilling on site.

Installation is simple and can be completed quickly.  The revenue per meter of installation is substantial making this a highly profitable business.

To ensure that franchisees are successful, Stainless Designs provides an App, that allows franchisees to quote a potential customer on the spot and at the same time send the exact specifications to Stainless Design who prepare the entire balustrade system to the exact measurements on the App. 

The balustrade and its components are then sent to the franchisee who, with a limited number of tools, can install the balustrade efficiently.

Included in the very reasonable franchise cost is the training of the franchisee, the App an existing customer database and on-going marketing and support.

Ideal candidates for this franchise

Any existing business that is in the installation or construction industry is ideally suited to this franchise.

Private building contractors, flooring specialists, plumbers and electricians, roofing and ceiling specialists, painting and decorating contractors, blind manufacturers and installers – in fact, anybody who has practical experience with building or subcontracting for homeowners or corporations has the potential to be a successful franchisee.

To find out more about a Stainless Design franchise opportunity call +27 80 11 11 012 or emailing

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