SAB uses innovation to help shield healthcare workers from COVID-19

Township entrepreneurs

COVID-19 has forced people from around to world to unite against the pandemic. Not only does this put pressure on an already delicate health system, but people at the forefront of the fight are put at risk.

Ensuring that these heroes are supported is vital to fighting the virus.

SAB responded to the Health Department’s request for donations of Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) such as masks and gloves for frontline workers by donating 100 000 face shields made of recycled beer crates.

According to Zoleka Lisa, Vice President of Corporate Affairs at SAB, “This is a humanitarian, social and economic pandemic which requires a joint effort from all sectors to step up to help the fight to flatten the curve.”

In the commitment to strengthen the country’s fight against COVID-19, SAB has had to make drastic changes to their operations to assist in providing critical items to all those in need.

“People are at the heart of our businesses and we have had to step up and innovate. Not only for our team on the ground but also by identifying how to adapt the manufacturing element of our business to help those in need.”

In conclusion Lisa says, “COVID-19 has not changed our values as a business. We have spent more than 125 years bringing South Africans together through beer and believe that we can ensure the safety of South Africa and its people by protecting our future together.”

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