Safety tips to remember when using an ATM during this festive season

How to recover from a long weekend of over spending

The festive season is upon us, and while many will be taking the much-needed break, fraudsters will be hard at work to find ways to scam you.

According to SABRIC, the festive season is traditionally a busy period for fraudsters because they take advantage of the fact that consumers receive bonuses, spend more money and are generally more relaxed because they are in holiday mode.

Lee-Anne van Zyl, CEO of FNB Points of Presence says “ATM related fraud is one of the most prevalent financial crimes that occur at this time of the year and we urge our customers to always be cautious the latest modus operandi.

“By arming yourself with the right information and exercising extra caution in high-risk situations, you can protect yourself from fraud during the holidays and all year round.”

Safety tips to remember when you need to use an ATM during the festive holidays:

  1. Avoid ATMs that are dimly lit or surrounded by loiterers. Always choose familiar and well-lit ATMs where you are visible and safe.
  2. If you think the ATM is faulty, cancel the transaction immediately, report the fault to your bank and transact using another ATM.
  3. Avoid being disturbed or interrupted while transacting at the ATM. Scammers may do so to skim your card. 
  4. Don’t use ATMs where the card slot, keypad or screen has been tampered with. It could be an attempt to attain your card.
  5. Always avoid and be wary of people trying to “help” you with your ATM transaction.
  6. Don’t use an ATM that appears unusual looking or offers options with which you are not familiar with. Cancel the transaction immediately.
  7. Don’t allow people to look over your shoulder as you enter your pin code.
  8. Never write your pin on the back of your card.
  9. Never count cash at the ATM machine or in public.
  10. Closely monitor your statements and balance using inContact messages on the FNB App. Immediately report any suspicious transactions and immediately change your PIN or stop the card to protect yourself from any illegal transactions occurring on your account.

“For ease of convenience, we encourage our customers to take advantage and use of free Cash@Till® withdrawals at Shoprite, Checkers, Pick n Pay and selected Spar, Boxer and Usave stores while doing their grocery shopping.

“More importantly, customers can take advantage of digital channels like our App, Online and Cellphone Banking to minimise relying on cash,” concludes Van Zyl.

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