SilverLeaf Investments & Grovest to fund professionalisation of Cannabis industry


New legislation around the world is recognizing the phenomenal medicinal and pharmaceutical benefits of the cannabis plant as well as its industrial uses in the paper, packaging, bio-fuels and textile industries. 

As a result of these legislative changes the category is exploding in North American, European and Australasian markets and demand is high.

Stock markets in North America have seen an explosion of new company listings in the Cannabis market and the category is proving to be one of the star performers in numerous exchanges. 

South Africa has been identified as an ideal location to grow medical grade cannabis and hemp given its very favorable climate & competitive manufacturing costs.

The plant thrives in sunlight and at high altitudes – something SA has an abundance of.

Many local entrepreneurs are winning export supply agreements, but the industry has been underfunded and lacks professional & commercial know-how.

Grovest is partnering with a very experienced multidisciplinary team who have all the credentials to establish a winning fund by identify good businesses to invest in and offering management expertise and guidance to support their growth.

Major research houses are predicting that the global cannabis and hemp market is set to grow from $30 billion in 2020 to $100 billion over the next 3 years, making it one of the hottest categories in the world .

These numbers are thought to be conservative and could easily be surpassed with more and more countries legalizing the use of cannabis in a very wide range of applications.

South Africa could potentially ride this wave and experience prolific growth in supply contracts abroad and grow into a formidable export player for global supply. 

The SilverLeaf team have the confidence and positivity to drive this industry’s growth and deliver on a fund that will offer investors an extraordinary opportunity to profit off.

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