The 7-Year-Old Crypto-Arbitrage Strategy: A Secure Entry Point into Digital Assets


Crypto-arbitrage has become a mainstream method for participating in digital assets, offering a way to profit from price fluctuations without directly owning digital assets or enduring the anxiety associated with their price swings. This strategy, carried out by regulated professionals, offers a relatively low-risk opportunity in the crypto market.

Back in 2017, CURRENCY HUB ventured into the digital assets arbitrage trade, where premiums could reach as high as 30% per trade. However, as more people entered this space, the premium has dwindled to a range of 1.5% to 3%. Nevertheless, this strategy still holds potential for delivering low-risk, high-return opportunities over several months, potentially resulting in over R100,000 in profits for clients. You can check the live Premium on the CURRENCY HUB website 

“It’s the safest crypto trade opportunity in the market, the client is never exposed to any cryptocurrency price risk, nor forex movements. It’s also a great opportunity to incorporate existing investments to optimize your household’s cash flow to perform the arbitrage.” Andrew Ludwig – CEO

The arbitrage opportunity arises from South Africa’s exchange-control laws, which restrict tax-compliant individuals to send out R1 million as part of their single discretionary allowance (SDA) and an additional R10 million as part of the foreign investment allowance (AIT). CURRENCY HUB offers a comprehensive solution by trading on behalf of clients to utilize the full R11 million allowance. The trading cycle duration can vary based on the available funds for the AIT application at SARS, while CURRENCY HUB typically trades every day.

CURRENCY HUB stands out among crypto-arbitrage players for several reasons. First, all its affiliated companies are FSCA-regulated financial services providers (FSP 50850), overseeing elements of the arbitrage service within the traditional financial sector, including the booking of forex for clients and timing forex purchases timed strategically with the arbitrage opportunity. This provides a hands-off experience for clients.

Second, CURRENCY HUB operates through a SARB approved forex intermediary (6176), enabling outward forex payments for offshore digital assets, purchases, and allowing for up to three daily trades per client when premiums are favourable. This is a unique feature of CURRENCY HUB and make them one of the most efficient at completing a full allowance.

Third, CURRENCY HUB boasts an impressive track record, having conducted over 100,000 trades, totalling more than R10 billion, without a single loss in over seven years. This is achieved by simultaneously hedging forex exposure, ensuring predictable client profits regardless of daily premium or rand/dollar fluctuations. Clients are shielded from Bitcoin’s volatility and crypto market instability.

Fourth, CURRENCY HUB has in-house accountants who streamline the AIT application process, minimizing administrative burdens for clients by liaising with SARS and optimizing approval timelines.

Furthermore, clients only need to interact with CURRENCY HUB, eliminating the need to engage with multiple service providers. The onboarding process is efficient, all online and CURRENCY HUB handles the setup of trading and bank accounts, as well as all communications with SARS.

Addressing concerns about digital assets, CURRENCY HUB mitigates various risks associated with arbitrage trading:

  1. Counterparty Risk: CURRENCY HUB integrates with authorized dealers like Capitec and Investec for processing foreign exchange, reducing counterparty risk.
  2. Price Risk: CURRENCY HUB primarily deals with stablecoins, minimizing exposure to price volatility. Institutional relationships and credit lines with OTC desks and exchanges further enhance transparency.
  3. Forex Risk: The fluctuation in rand/dollar or rand/euro exchange rates is a concern. However, CURRENCY HUB offers a hedge solution to guarantee forex rates.

In summary, crypto-arbitrage remains a viable strategy, even with a Gross Premium of approximately 1.5% – 3% in current market conditions. This is an excellent vehicle to build up your own crypto investment portfolios. CURRENCY HUB’s efficient trading cycle and active strategy have the potential to deliver over R100,000 in a few months, and this can be doubled using a spousal loan with the same trading capital. This is another opportunity for financial advisors, as digital assets are now regulated by the FSCA and so too is CURRENCY HUB, noting past returns don’t guarantee future performance.

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