The importance of GIS and how Frontline Market Research can help you


The Coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic has certainly made Geographic Information System (GIS) an essential modern business service – if your business is to survive and grow in a post-pandemic world.

With this service, there is no more guessing where your customers are located and/or where they interact with your brand and/or your competitors.

What is GeoMapping

According to leading market research company, Frontline Market Research, GIS is a technique used to visualise any business data with a location element (which most data should have). It turns data into something that is engaging and approachable – a map.

GIS basically answers the ‘where’ question in marketing. This is crucial if you are planning to enter the diverse markets of the African continent where data on locations and potential customer demographics is often non-existent.

With this tool, Frontline Market Research enables your business to visualise, analyse and share spreadsheet data, across multiple business functions such as sales, logistics, marketing and finance.

Up to date, relevant African datasets, location geocoding and advanced routing solutions also form part of Frontline’s GeoMapping product suite.

When combined with customer relationship management, GIS can unlock many opportunities for your business.

Benefits of GIS

The power of GIS is its ability to give businesses the best local market knowledge. Since it’s visual, a company can quickly understand its market environment and seize on emerging opportunities because business transactions happen in a specific place, and that place usually influences customer preferences and behaviour.

Some advantages of GIS to business:

  • Your company knows where its customers live, work and shop: GIS’s power is in helping company decision-makers map and analyze customer location and demographic data. The result – better decision-making!
  • Insights into why transactions happen where they do – Analysing map data can help with decisions such as inventory and marketing as a business can see where and how its customers interact with it.
  • Best locations for stores /branches – As said above, for a company venturing into Africa for the first time, deciding on where to set up shop is not an easy task. Fortunately, GIS can help predict the best or most profitable locations based on an analysis of the presence of competition, customer demographics, access to supply chains, and more.
  • Real-time data for real-time decisions – Because of its visual element, GIS software helps companies make fast decisions on inventory, marketing and customers to take advantage on new opportunities in the marketplace.
  • Easy to use – Frontline Strategic Projects provides expert GIS and unique software, which adds spatial functionality and intelligence to the Microsoft Excel environment.
  • Saves costs – GIS ensures that the quickest and least expensive distribution routes can be applied by the logistical arm of a company.

How Frontline Market Research’s GIS approach can help you win

Where Frontline excels is the accuracy of the data it collects. Using top-of-the-line software and then applying mapping analysis techniques that make the data come alive, you get a whole new perspective and bird’s eye view of your market.

The company also assists you with strategies on how to use the data to win, and to keep winning, right up to, and past, the last mile.

Key GIS solutions include:

  • Geocoding services – generating coordinates of your retail database when they don’t have any.
  • Strategic Rep and Delivery route planning – to optimise your cost to serve the market and overall efficiency of your fleet / people.
  • Geotagging and data capturing software that is 100% customisable to your business needs.

If you need data for a specific sector, such as census / population / demographic data or market-related data, Frontline Market Research has a vast footprint in Africa.

Any business that needs data to be provided or collected and viewed in a spatial context can make use of Frontline Strategic Projects GIS team.

In addition to more than 20 years of market research experience and specialist Geographic Information Systems (GIS) staff, Frontline has access to a broad range of GIS databases and specialist technology.

Call Steve Johnson, Director – Strategic Projects at Frontline Market Research, for a demonstration of how their GeoMapping service can enhance your business. Call +27 86 999 0407 or email today. Visit them online at

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