Timeless, Elegant, Sophisticated and Contemporary Fashion at Nicci Boutiques.


Founded in 1992, Nicci Boutiques has become synonymous with contemporary fashion, including clothing, shoes, bags and accessories.

Run by Niki and her husband, Clive Breger, Nicci Boutiques is one of the most established boutiques in South Africa.  Starting out with just three stores, Nicci has grown its national footprint to include an online shopping portal and 18 outlets, all of which are located in the most sought-after shopping districts in Johannesburg, Pretoria, Cape Town, Durban, and the Garden Route.

Having studied fashion design, Niki has a professional approach to selecting items from the fashion capitals of the world and she brings the best international fashion to South Africa.

The Nicci brand is known for its distinctive and quirky style, glamour, elegance and pizzazz, with cutting-edge designs that inspire and empower women to express their unique style and individuality.

Niki says that they cater for savvy women with contemporary tastes. The Nicci designs are timeless, modern and multi-generational. Clothing items are available in a range of sizes to accommodate and embrace women across multiple sizes. “It’s all about ageless style, celebrating women of all ages and sizes,” Niki explains.

Included in the Nicci brand are a couple of locally produced ranges, each with its own identity and a clear creative vision.

Nicci Cocoon Loungewear

Their exclusive and locally designed Cocoon loungewear is made up of effortlessly stylish and super comfortable pieces, taking you from the workplace to those idle days at home, allowing you to relax in style.

This slow fashion range uses soft, drapey, breathable and comfortable fabrics that easily move with you and is sustainably manufactured in South Africa.

The Local Love Collection

The Local Love collection is designed and produced in South Africa using various CMT factories and creative artisans. Fabrics are ethically sourced and made to ensure a lower carbon footprint.  These sustainable and environmentally friendly pieces are effortlessly stylish and versatile.

Nicci actively contributes towards job creation in South Africa. “We are passionate about being able to boost the local workforce through our local collections,” adds Niki.

Nicci Boutiques consultants are experts in fashion and customer relations. They are well-trained to offer candid advice and assist customers in achieving a look that is unique.

Niki believes that fashion has the power to make a difference and bring joy. She is dedicated to using their platform to do good.

Contact Details

For more information, visit Nicci Boutiques at www.nicci.co.za.  

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Instagram: @nicciboutiques

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