Why your business needs a proper FTTB Solution

a proper FTTB Solution

So, why does your business need a proper FTTB Solution? The Fibre revolution may not be a brand-new concept, but it’s getting South African businesses excited for all the right reasons.

Enabling an always-on digital environment with greater productivity, agility, innovation and collaboration are essential capabilities for digital businesses far into the future.

This demand, is in part, driven by exponential growth in online content from a consumer perspective, and a greater need to consolidate ICT spend, with a converged service in the business segment.

Businesses and consumers are starting to see these become a reality and a number of them are facilitated by high quality, reliable connectivity.  The Internet of Things, a world of ´smart´ everything devices and the potential of an on-demand generation has never been more possible.

How people consume information and entertainment is changing because of what fibre enables, and it is this quantum shift that will see traditional content providers re-evaluate their business models, to include more online driven content and/ or customer services.

As more products are developed to be connected to the internet, and start generating big data, so the need for reliable, always available connectivity will increase, and less emphasis will be placed on what it costs and more on what it enables.

For the vast majority of people however, the conversation is still about fast internet, and that needs to shift. 

Connectivity, like water and electricity, is becoming a utility.  It is this utility-based approach that advances internet connectivity for schools, and is fast tracking a more mobile workforce, one that does not have to be in an office environment in order to be productive.

What is the business opportunity?

Fast, reliable connectivity has become an essential requirement for every business, from the start-up running multiple applications in the cloud, to the established corporate that needs to remain always-on and as such Vox’s Fibre to the Business (FTTB) enables businesses, to truly optimise and drive the efficient coexistence of voice, video, data and other IP-based services, over a single network. 

The result? A direct increase in productivity and greater cost-savings by consolidating telecommunications spend.

The Vox Telecom Fibre network is available in all major cities nationally, and is continually expanding its reach, making it currently one of the one of the largest fibre providers in South Africa.

Based on the feedback from customers, Vox has created a solution that is not only fast, but also flexible, providing the ability to upgrade bandwidth as required.

The result is our high-availability, low-latency network, that delivers future-proof capacity for the dedicated or broadband application requirements of its customers.

Vox’s FTTB delivers a broad spectrum of customisable solutions to suit businesses of all sizes and we have a solution for you!

For more information, contact Lauren Smith on lauren.smith@voxtelecom.co.za

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