Eastern Cape Human Settlements Department warns public of housing scam

Eastern Cape Human Settlements Department

The Eastern Cape Human Settlements Department is warning the public to desist from buying RDP houses from people who are claiming to be representatives of the department.

“It has come to the attention of the department that there are scammers working as a syndicate which is misrepresenting the Head of Department, Ms. Tabisa Poswa,” the department said.

“The department has learnt that there are fake business cards that are doing rounds under the pretense of being issued by Ms. Poswa, the HOD who in turn makes arrangements to sell RDP houses.

“Ms. Poswa distances herself from these illegal acts and would urge the public to report such incidents to the police.

“Scammers are also using the same method to sell fake jobs to the public under the pretense that they work in the department.”

It said that all this has been brought to the attention of Law Enforcement Agencies.

The department would like to remind the public that:

  • In the event that one is offered an RDP house without the seller having the necessary documentation (title deed & permission), the suspects should be reported to your local Human Settlements Department and the Police.
  • Remember, someone wanting to sell their RDP home cannot do so in the first 8 years of occupancy, after which it must be offered to the State first.
  • The seller must have written consent from the Human Settlements Department.
  • Once a house is sold, a letter of authority from the deeds office must be attached to the sale agreement.
  • There is no charge for title deeds.

If you suspect you are being scammed, you can contact the Human Settlements Department:

  • Housing enquiries – toll free Customer service hotline – 0800 146 873 / 012 421 1915
  • Fraud hotline – 0800 204401
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