Oceans Economy: Youth encouraged to dream big and dive in

Oceans Economy

Deck Officer, Engineering Officer, Crewing Manager, Tug Master, Marine Pilot, Shipbuilder, Sail Maker, Mast Builder, Skipper, Aquatic Biologist, Commercial Diver, Offshore Geologist, Drilling/ Subsea Engineer, Oceanographer, Maritime Lawyer, Ichthyologist…

These are just a few of the exciting career opportunities the Oceans Economy is offering South African youth, who may have never heard of or known these jobs existed before.

If you – like many others – thought Marine Pilots take to the sky or have no idea what a Roughneck and Roustabout might do, you need to have a look at the new DIVE IN! MARITIME CAREER EXPLORATION website.

The South African International Maritime Institute (SAIMI) launched the new www.divein.co.za  website live via a social media campaign recently, to introduce South Africa’s youth to a multitude of choices related to a career in the Oceans Economy.

The message of the powerful social media campaign is: “Choose your future, your career, what to study, and where. Experience adventure. Discover the world. Be part of something extraordinary.”

With particularly youth unemployment at an all-time high in South Africa, the DIVE IN! MARITIME CAREER EXPLORATION website aims to encourage South African youth to not only dip their feet into the endless possibilities of career exploration in the maritime industry, but to “dive in” by getting immersed into a future career in the Oceans Economy.

The website showcases a variety of study and career opportunities in and around the oceans and introduces youth to diverse maritime career options.

The Maritime industry includes a number of sectors and sub-sectors, offering many exciting career options to suit just about every individual interest and personality.

And once the internet-surfing, aspiring youths have decided on a suitable career path, the website offers information on Youth Development Programmes, Maritime events and links to secondary and tertiary institutions to get them closer to their dream job.

The website also provides useful information in a Comprehensive online/downloadable Career Guide and a section on bursary opportunities available in the sector.

Youth members are invited to enter the Summer Splash Competition via the DIVE IN! MARITIME CAREER EXPLORATION website.

The photographic, visual art and video competition is open for youth from 13 years old and selected entrants will be featured on the Dive In website home page and social media.

Visit www.divein.co.za to dive in and become part of something extraordinary.

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