Reduce your fuel costs with optimized delivery routing

reduce fuel costs

At the date of writing this article, a barrel of Brent crude oil costs $113.  In the past 22 years the price of crude oil has exceeded this cost on only two brief occasions and for the most part been 35% less expensive.

In January 2010 a liter of 95 ULP petrol cost R10.31, less than half the R26.74 it costs today and this is 54% more than a year ago, when it cost R17.39.

If you are running a fleet of delivery vehicles then your transport costs, as well as your blood pressure, will have skyrocketed in recent months.

Using specialized Geospatial and Route Optimization software, Frontline Research Group can help you improve the overall efficiency and effectiveness of your delivery operations, reducing your cost to serve while improving your overall ability to deliver on time and in full.

The first and most important step is to ensure customer data base is “routing ready”.  Frontline Research Group  can validate, correct, map and visualize your  customer database, ensuring the GPS locations are up to date and accurate before proceeding with any optimization work on sales and delivery routes. An accurate, updated customer database is vital for any route optimization exercise.

Once they have the correct data, the Frontline Research Group is able to: 

  • Assess depot territories and design more optimal sales and delivery routes.
  • Right size your fleet and  improve vehicle utilization
  • Ensure you are using the right size vehicles
  • Reduce overtime by maximizing the number of deliveries within the delivery window
  • Improve the overall efficiency and effectiveness of your delivery team through optimal service day allocation and sequencing
  • Create optimal routes while factoring in important parameters, specific client needs and business rules, as defined by your customer service model.

Whether you have your own database of delivery points or if you would like to make use of the retail outlet data sets that the Frontline Research Group have gathered, optimizing your delivery routes is a simple process for the Frontline Research Group, using software tools developed specifically for this purpose, and incorporating years of experience across multiple sectors on the African continent..

Using the Frontline Research Groups dashboard and maps simultaneously allows you to really deep dive into the route results and fine tune the outputs.

For more information or a quotation, James Flood, ACCOUNT MANAGER / RTM ANALYST, may be contacted on Tel: +27 (0)76 511 8461 or email:

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