Seminar places spotlight on labour law compliance

Seminar places spotlight on labour law compliance

The National Minimum Wage (NMW) Act will come under the spotlight when the Department of Employment and Labour’s Inspection and Enforcement Services (IES), host a virtual seminar for the hospitality sector operating in the Western Cape.

The department introduced the Act two years ago.

The seminar, which will be held next Thursday, will be held under the theme: “Paying the National Minimum Wage is the Right Thing to Do”.

The seminar is part of IES quest to educate stakeholders on labour laws.

The hospitality sector has long been identified as a high risk when it comes to compliance with labour laws.

The department has conducted a number of inspections to employers operating in the hospitality sector.

The inspections were to determine the employers’ compliance with the Basic Conditions of Employment Act, enforcement of the relatively new National Minimum Wage Act, and if the employers are still found wanting when it comes to compliance.

“The outcome of inspections indicated a need for an advocacy session. Some of the areas of non-compliance identified in the sector include illegal deductions, underpayment of the national minimum wage, non-compliant written particulars of employment (contracts), long hours of work and non-registration to the Unemployment Insurance Fund and Compensation for Occupation Injuries and Diseases Act,” said the department on Monday.

Some of the stakeholders targeted by the seminar include employers, restaurants, hotels, trade unions, organised business, employer organisations, employees, organised labour and bargaining councils.

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