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Business Link works closely with Bargain Buys. Today, instead of emailing their usual offering of discounts they sent a message to their subscribers. We felt it poignant and have placed the full message below:

Bargain Buys has loved bringing life’s little pleasures to its customers at great savings for the past decade.  

Going to work and knowing that we are going to make someone happy that day is simply wonderful.

Today, for the first time in 10 years, we feel that focusing on anything indulgent would just not be right.

Many of our fellow countrymen have woken this morning wondering if they will see the day through safely or if they still have a job or a business to manage.

The Bargain Buys team, just like the vast majority of South Africans, has watched the despicable behavior of a small minority of people with a mix of anger, despair and shame.

We are a very proudly South African company and it hurts us deeply to see our country disgraced by looters and irresponsible politicians.

However, we draw strength from knowing that for every looter there are tens of thousands of honest citizens who are disgusted by the selfish and criminal behavior they see on the streets and in the media.

To those criminals and malicious politicians who have destroyed not just property but the order and decency to which the rest of us aspire – shame on you. History will record you for what you are.

What you think you gained today through spite and theft will be paid back in ways that you cannot yet comprehend.  Life simply does not tolerate this kind of behavior and it finds you out and pays you back eventually.

So South Africans, look away from the chaos for a second and you will see that despite the deplorable behavior of the few and despite the huge challenges that we face every day we are a great country.

Us South Africans have been through a lot together but we always prevail. We overcame Apartheid, we kicked out state capture and we incarcerate even the highest profile criminals in the land.

We do this because we believe in democracy and human rights, in our world famous constitution and because we are, at heart, good people.

Despite our vast differences in culture, language, religion and politics, we work, play and laugh together every day. Today we stand together appalled but tomorrow we will make good what is lost and more.

Tomorrow, we at Bargain Buys, will be back at work doing our bit to make South Africa a better place.  Tomorrow, more than before, we look forward to making our customers happy.

This email is dedicated to those policemen and woman, soldiers, ambulance drivers, security staff and civic minded citizens that have done their utmost in the line of duty.

Nkosi Sikelel’i Afrika

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