The A-Z of adding value to your home

The A-Z of adding value to your home

Whether you’ve owned your home for decades or have just bought your first place, one thing’s for sure – you’re always on the lookout for ways to make your house the perfect home.

It may be easier to add value than you think.

With a few simple steps – and some expert advice from those in the know – you could elevate your home in a matter of months.

Roshana Burnett, Senior Integrated Campaigns Manager, at Builders, says, “We’ve got myriad tutorials on our website that show simple steps homeowners can take to add value to their homes.

“From big jobs like full-on kitchen ‘renos’ to small steps like adding useful appliances, there’s something to suit every budget. Our experts are always on hand to advise on how to elevate your home to reach its full potential.”

Here are some simple ways to add value to your house:

  • Smooth, clean walls create an instant makeover

Leave the popcorn for your movie. If your walls or ceiling have that textured popcorn finish, an update may be long overdue. Check in-store for a solution to create a softer surface and get some scraping tools to get rid of that rough texture.

Then choose a flattering paint palette and get painting. You’ll be surprised how a fresh coat of paint will give your home an immediate facelift.

  • Create the illusion of a more spacious setting

If you’re after a more open, spacious feel, then dated curtaining is the last thing you need. Replace elaborate draping with vertical blinds or shutters. This will not only allow more sunlight into your home, but also add to its square footage.

Add a large mirror to your space and ‘double’ its perceived size or hang some floating shelves instead of having storage pieces that take up space.

  • A small bathroom or kitchen improvement can make a big difference

Let’s face it, big bathroom and kitchen revamps require even bigger budgets, but in this tough economic climate, breaking the bank just isn’t an option. It’s all about working smart, with smaller updates, instead of major remodelling.

Consider changing your showerhead, taps, basin or sink to something more modern, and add a tiered shelf to store your towels, toiletries or plants. Or create a new tiled feature wall in your shower or stove area.

  • Get rid of scruffy carpets or rugs

Carpet looking a bit tired? Take stock of your home’s flooring and replace stained or worn pieces with fresher new ones. You may also want to consider bamboo or laminated flooring options that are easier to clean.

  • Re-evaluate your lighting and air-conditioning solutions

Still have that nineties ceiling fan? Get with the 2020s and find more trendy – or timeless – light fixtures and air-conditioning appliances that are in line with your budget and energy-saving goals.

  • It’s about keeping up with your home’s maintenance – not the Jones’s

Having a beautiful home is all about creating a space in which you feel safe, comfortable and at ease. Tackling maintenance issues immediately before they escalate into a huge job is important. Do regular checks and chat to your Builders consultant to find the best solution to keep your home in tip top shape.

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