Top Five Car Cleaning Products in South Africa

car cleaning

Business Link spoke to Shawn Heath, the owner of Detail My Ride, to find out which car cleaners they use.  This is part one of a three part series on the best products for car care.

Detail My Ride offers a premium car detailing service to all lover of cars.  Shawn says that they lovingly clean, refurbish and polish all manner of cars – from inexpensive runabouts to supercars.

“The one thing all these cars have in common is an owner who loves their vehicle,” says Shawn.

What many people do not realize is that car detailing requires that a vehicle is deep cleaned before it can be polished and protected.

Shawn adds, “A vehicle receives many blemishes in its lifetime and, because they accumulate over time, vehicle owners don’t always notice the extent of the damage.  It is only once the vehicle has been cleaned and polished that the extent of the tarnish is noticed.”

The car cleaners listed below are those that best clean different parts of a vehicle and are not listed in order of preference.

  1. Scholl Concepts Spam Universal Cleaner

SPAM is a highly effective and material friendly universal cleaner. It is hydrocarbon free and may be applied to paint, fabric and plastic and can be on vehicles, boats, aircraft and furniture. Spray it onto a cloth (Scholl Concepts provides a range of applicators for different surfaces) and it effortlessly removes dirt and stains as well as dead bugs.  This ready to use formula also leaves a pleasant fresh fragrance.  Click here for pricing and more information.

  • Scholl Concepts Rim-7 Cleaner Gel

Not only is RIM-7 very good at cleaning rims but it also has a colour change formula that lets you know when to rinse the rims with water.  This is an acid-free cleaner with a pH-neutral formula to ensure an exceptionally material-friendly application. The high viscosity ensures that RIM-7 sticks to the area applied and the smart colour-change-formula converts the colour of the cleaning gel to purple after the ideally recommended exposure time has elapsed (2 to 3 minutes) and shows the user that the wheel can now be rinsed off with water. Click here for pricing and more information.

  • Swissvax Crystal Glass Cleaner

What makes the Swissvax Crystal Glass Cleaner particularly attractive is that it may be applied quickly and it leaves no streaks while cleaning.  It may be used on all types of glass from windshields to mirrors it is suitable for tinted windows and may also be applied to window films. Click here for pricing and more information.

  • Swissvax Micro Glass Duo Set

The Swissvax Micro Glass Duo Set is ideally suited to work with Swissvax Crystal Class Cleaner. These finely woven microfibers offer quick and residue-free cleaning of glasses and mirrors.  They are lint-free and without a hem and are thus safe to use on wrapped or coated glass panes.  Use the small cloth for pre-cleaning and the larger cloth for drying. Click here for pricing and more information.

  • Swissvax Plastic Wash

Swissvax Plastic Wash is the best plastic cleaner on the market. It may be used on all manner of plastics in both a vehicles interior as well as the engine compartment and exterior trim of vehicles.  It is particularly useful for the cleaning of vinyl roofs. Click here for pricing and more information.

Please remember that before waxing a vehicle, the vehicle must be cleaned first.  Car cleaning is vital before waxing and polishing. Click here to read about the Top Five Car Waxes Available in South Africa and the Top 5 Leather Care Products in South Africa.

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