Top Six Car Waxes Available in South Africa

car wax

Business Link spoke to Shawn Heath, the owner of Detail My Ride, to find out which car waxes he believes to be the best. 

Detail My Ride offers a premium car detailing service to all lover of cars.  Shawn says that they lovingly clean, refurbish and polish all manner of cars – from inexpensive runabouts to supercars.

“The one thing all these cars have in common is an owner who loves their vehicle,” says Shawn.

He adds, “The waxes that we use at Detail My Ride are really good.  Not only do they bring out the shine on a vehicle but they also offer long term protection. Being good quality they are expensive relative to the more common car waxes, but the waxes we use last much longer and a small amount goes a very long way.”

The waxes below vary in price considerably.  The main reason for this difference is the quality and percentage content of Carnauba wax.  This wax is derived from the Brazillian Carnauba Palm and offers an unmatched shine and protection when applied to paintwork.

  1. Swissvax Concorso

The Swissvax Concorso formulation includes 50 Vol. % of pure yellow Brazilian Grade One Carnauba wax.  It provides an outstanding gloss experience on all paintwork systems with a very deep and intense shine. There are very few waxes to compare with the Swissvax Concorso and all these are also made by Swissvax.  It is pricy but a small amount goes a very long way and it will keep the vehicles deep shine for a long period of time.  Click here for pricing and more information.

  • Scholl Concepts SW20 Premium Speed Wax

The Scholl Concepts SW20 offers excellent value for money and is very easy to use due to its unique and innovative sprayable sealant for new and polished paint surfaces. Just spray-on, wipe off – done. The SW20 eliminates light dirt, dust, fingerprints, etc in seconds and leaves a long-lasting sealed surface. The latest polymer technology fills micro-scratches in the paint surface and forms a resistant protective film, shielding vehicles from the elements.  SW20 does not contain hydrocarbons or silicone oils and can be used on virtually any smooth surface. Click here for pricing and more information.

  • Swissvax Mirage

Swissvax Mirage is a premium wax for all paintwork types including clearcoats, ceramicoats (so-called nano paints) and lacquers. Its formulation includes 40 Vol. % of pure Brazilian Grade One Carnauba wax.  It creates an impressive degree of gloss and provides paintwork thorough long term protection against all kinds of negative emmissions. Less expensive than the Swissvax Concorso, the Mirage is very popular. Click here for pricing and more information.

  • Swissvax Nano Express

Swissvax Nano Express may be used on paintwork as well as plastics. It is designed to renews the depth of color of the paintwork and saturates and protects plastics in one easy spray on application. Swissvax Nano Express is particularly useful and produces good results on hard and flexible acrylic panes.  If your engine bay is as important as your bodywork then the Swissvax Nano Express is ideal for plastic engine covers and rubber hoses. Click here for pricing and more information.

  • Scholl Concepts W6+ Premium Glaze Wax

The Premium Car Wax W6+ is, by volume, the least expensive of the five waxes on this list. Never the less, it is offers a deep shine and is particularly effective for paint protection. Natural Carnauba wax and high-end synthetic components in the W6+ will provide long term protection to paint against the elements and leave a long lasting, bright and mirror-like gloss. The easy handling of the wax is easy to use and may be used in hand held applicators or machine applicators. Click here for pricing and more information.

  • Scholl Concepts Eraser Clay Blue Bar

Scholl Concepts Eraser Clay Blue Bar is a 200 g detailing clay bar that will safely remove overspray and paint contamination on paint, glass, and chrome. Quick and easy to use, the Eraser Clay can shift insects, stubborn road grime, tar, exhaust soot and brake dust, oxidation, and surface rust.  This is an important part of the process of keeping the paint in good condition, as industrial fallout on paint can cause considerable damage on the long term.  Click here for pricing and more information.

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