Use Original Images to Double Social Media Engagements

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In the digital world, where interaction through computers has taken the place of face-to-face interaction, there must be some strategies and ways to tackle the former interactions. Social media has been playing an essential role in connecting people not physically instead on the web.

Similarly, some businesses have found themselves flourishing well on social media, and the game is increasing now with tough competition not only offline but also online. In such a rush and ruthless environment of social media, social media engagements are significant to achieve the highest and the most popular rank in the market.

Image Role in Social Media Engagements

Social media engagements refer to an increase in the interaction of people with the brand through likes, comments, shares, and subscriptions. Such an engagement does not only require a multitude of followers. It requires more interconnectivity and interdependency among the customers and the retailers.

With many competitors in the market, one must think of some new ways to intensify social media engagements. The best method to double up social media engagements is the use of original images. Visuals attract individuals a lot.

People tend to perceive the art of image more than the art of mere words. The best proof of this claim can be seen where Jeff Bullas, a social media scientist, asserts that a 37% increase in engagement results when someone uses images on his/her posts.

Similarly, tweets encompassing images and videos are lauded by more retweets and likes. This numerical percentage depicts that image does enhance social media engagement. The social media platforms working best in visuals are google, Pinterest, Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram.

 Measures Engaging Users Through Images

Such a valuable media strategy requires some measures to present engaging images for the viewers.

1.    Investment in pictures

The option to engage people with images is by purchasing the photos. The more you invest in, the better the picture you will get with the better quality. By using image search, thousands of ideas are presented in the form of a picture to choose from. To find images relevant to one’s photo calls for the process of the reverse image. It will get you thousands of new ideas on how you can use images or what type of images approves to be the best for your audience.

2.    Mobile phone photography

A smartphone with a sterling camera is one of the best measures for professional content creators. By learning the art of mobile photography, the brand could quickly outpass competitive rivals. There is a vast community of people who want to share their images, ideas, and achievements through mobile photography.

3.    Exercise of Graphic Designing Skills

Graphic designing is one of the best tools to create what you think and incline to show to your customers. Like any other person with graphic designing skills, the creator himself can make the visuals in any form. This step allows the authority to present anything that will ultimately gain popularity in the customers and rule out other brands.

4.    Targeting the audience using the right tools

The use of visuals is now a necessity in social media marketing. Since people are attracted more towards their interest, therefore, the targeted audience must be kept in mind. For instance, a marketing campaign for the kids’ section calls for the bright and attractive colors to which the kids are attracted, and they engage.

Similarly, a market campaign for an alcoholic company would require dark-themed and dull colors to attract the targeted audiences. Hence, putting images is essential but putting the right image with the right combination of colors adds to the effort and engagement.

5.    Quotation images

Quotations often drive us to be more philosophical. A pinch of a quote in an image will keep the audience engaged with both the quote and image. It will have increased consequences in the number of views and shares.

6.    Product hunt

The use of visuals also helps individuals to search for the product they desire.

Reverse image lookup enables the use of image search for better results. Through the field of image search, there is a growing involvement of visuals in marketing. The videos and images that come through image search supplements the users’ interest and entitles them to be more interactive within the market sphere.

The utilization of original images also plays a crucial role in image search. The digital marketing world is witnessing a shift from simple texts and slogans to visuals with the best quality and effectiveness. The picture must be set and inclined so that it leaves a long-lasting impact on the minds of its viewers.


The social media marketer must welcome visual search in the online marketing industry to have the upper hand over its rivals. As it works effortlessly and accurately to bring uniqueness to its users and ensure a higher social media engagement ratio. It won’t be wrong to say that images are the new way of communication.

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