Arksoft launches their new CloudSquad school, club and team management App


CloudSquad is a highly effective online management system for schools, clubs, sports teams, personal trainers or anybody needing to manage an activity and its participants.

Recently launched by Arksoft, a Port Elizabeth based business software company, CloudSquad has been in development for over a year.

Ruan Swanepoel, Project Director at Arksoft, says “CloudSquad has been developed to assist with the management of organizations that have a large number of students or members. Our objective was to develop a tool that can be used anywhere, any time and from any device.”

CloudSquad makes the processing of invoices and statements, attendance registers, bulk correspondence and registration an automated and easy task.

“We believe that the users of CloudSquad should be able to focus on what they enjoy most – teaching and training, and not have to spend an inordinate amount of time on administration,” adds Ruan.

CloudSquad is easy to access and they offer a two month free trial period where you have full access to CloudSquads tools.

Ruan adds, “We have built a tool that has an easy to implement setup process and that can be adapted for the basic needs of most clubs, societies or schools.  Should an organization need assistance, we will gladly help and, if at a later stage, the organization needs custom made functionality added, we are there to make it happen.”

Use of CloudSquad is charged on a monthly basis.  The pricing plan varies depending on the number of students or members an organization has.

Registering on CloudSquad is a as simple as clicking here!

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