The Suzuki Vitara is for people who have fun

suzuki vitara

I have been a Suzuki fan for many years and have wanted to test drive the Vitara for some time. 

My first experience with a Suzuki was over 25 years ago on a four by four adventure through a maze of sand dunes. 

There were Landrovers, Landcruisers and of course a little Suzuki SJ410.  While the Landies had to asses and plan and then struggle up the dunes the SJ410 was having a whale of a time up, down and a round about those dunes like a Jack Russel after a rat.

Since then I have driven a variety of other Suzukis and found them, without exception, fun to drive.  In fact, the emoji that most suites Suzuki as a whole is a smiley face J

Choosing and SUV

If you were to choose a new SUV for your personal get-about and you decided to make an informed rather than an emotional decision and thus test drive all the SUVs on the market, it would take you a while.

I guess that’s why most people make an emotional decision when choosing a car and why motor manufacturers spend the equivalent of a small continent’s GDP on marketing.

Well I am here to tell you that if you that if you think life is to be lived and your next adventure is around the corner, then the Suzuki Vitara is for you.

Here’s why…

Driving the Vitara

I recently had an opportunity to test drive the Vitara and its slightly simpler and smaller cousin, the Vitara Brezza.

The old SJ410 could get anywhere off road it was not ideal for anything but a short stretch of metaled road. The new Vitara, however, drives like a car and will, thanks to all the comforts and technology one would expect in a car of this era, make a long distance trip a pleasurable experience.

Not only that, it is a cool car.  I love the two tone styling, great mags and the squarish body that harks back to my little SJ410.  The interior is solid, simple and unpretentious but gives you all that you need. 

I have always made use of my cars and not treated them like a princess.  With four kids, dogs and an outdoor lifestyle I didn’t have much choice.  So the Vitara is my kind of car.  In fact, to my mind, the rugged interior will look a little better with all the paraphernalia and stains that come with an active lifestyle.

It’s a great drive too.  The high seating station, nippy performance and sturdy road handling are good for the suburbs or the bush.

The Vitara comes with a 1.4l, 6 speed petrol engine that delivers 103kW while the Brezza comes with a 1.5l, 5 speed engine that produces 67kW.  Both cars are very economical with 5.9 and 6.2 liters per kilometer respectively.

Both cars come with an excellent  4 year/60 000km service plan and a 5 year/200 000km warranty.

Who should buy a Vitara and a Brazza

If you like trail running, surfing, mountain biking, spearfishing and camping in a tent then this is the car for you.  If you want to take your dogs to the beach, your friends up a mountain or you believe a visit to the bush is therapeutic then get yourself a Suzuki Vitara.

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