Keeping your windscreen crystal clear


Professional detailers always ensure that a vehicles windscreen and windows are spotless, not least because this is the part of a vehicle that gets the most eye contact.

We spoke to Duane Smith, who handles the sales and training at to find out how best to get a cars windscreen and windows blemish free.

Cleaning the windscreen (and windows) is the final stage of cleaning your car. That is, after washing the car and cleaning the interior of the car.

The best way to clean your car windscreen and windows is by starting from the outside and finishing off by cleaning the inside.

In this manner, when cleaning the inside of the glass, the outside of your car windscreen will be sparkling clean, and you’ll be able to see any smears or smudges clearly.

Equipment: What You’ll Need for Cleaning Your Windscreen

Swissvax Crystal (glass cleaner)

  • Highly effective, ready-to-use glass and mirror cleaner
  • Fast and streak-free cleaning
  • Suitable for tinted windows and window films

Swissvax Micro Glass Duo Set (microfibre cloths)

  • Finely woven microfibres for quick and residue-free cleaning of glasses and mirrors
  • Lint-free and without hem, safe to use on wrapped or coated panes, too
  • Use the small cloth for pre-cleaning with Swissvax Crystal and the larger cloth for drying

Without the right equipment, you won’t be able to achieve that sparkling, streak-free finish. These microfibre cloths are excellent at picking up bits of dust and debris as well as cutting through greasy marks.

Step 1. Start by Cleaning the Outside of Your Car Windscreen

When washing your car, the windows would be washed removing all stubborn dirt and insects from the windscreen.

Step 2. Clay Bar (this process is only necessary when contaminates are required to be removed from the windscreen)

Now is the time to use the Swissvax Paint Rubber Yellow (clay bar) and Swissvax Quick Finish to remove any remaining insects, stubborn road grime, tar, residue and contaminants from the windscreen (and other windows).

Spray Swissvax Quick Finish on half of the windscreen and the Paint Rubber bar. This is used to lubricate the Paint Rubber while cleaning the windscreen, using short strokes. First vertically and then horizontally across the windscreen. When the Paint Rubber stops gliding with ease, spray more Quick Finish to the glass surface thus, keeping Paint Rubber lubricated at all times. Remember to keep folding and reforming the Paint Rubber while cleaning the windscreen. Continue the process until the surface is totally cleaned. Repeat the same process to the other half of the windscreen. Rinse the windscreen with clean water and dry with a microfibre towel.

Continue this process for all the windows.

Step 3. Swissvax Crystal glass cleaner on the outside of windscreen

Spray SWISSVAX Crystal directly onto one half of the windscreen. Using the small microfibre cloth, clean the windscreen from the outside inwards, using small circular motions. Thus, polishing the Swissvax Crystal glass cleaner off with small circular motions thus removing any dirt, finger prints etc. from the windscreen. Finalize the cleaning of the windscreen by using the large white microfibre cloth by polishing the glass surface off to a streak free finish.

Now apply the same process to the other half of windscreen. (Repeat the same process for all the windows)

Step 4. Best Way to Clean Inside of a Windscreen

Cleaning the outside first will enable you to see any smears from the inside, as the outside will be clear and sparkling clean.

Clean the inside of the windscreen from the passenger seat as you will have more room to move your arms as you clean because the steering wheel won’t be in the way. Work one half of the windscreen at a time.

Spray Swissvax Crystal directly onto a clean side of the small white microfibre cloth. Spread and polish the Swissvax Crystal onto the windscreen. Begin horizontally from the bottom upwards, then vertically from left to right. Spray more Swissvax Crystal onto microfibre cloth if required. Next, use a clean side of the larger cloth to polish the windscreen, horizontally from bottom upwards and then vertically from left to right, until it is clear and sparkling.

Now proceed by applying the same process to the other half of the windscreen.  (Repeat the same process for all the windows)

Job done!!!!

Tips for Success:

  • You should clean your car windscreen last, after washing the exterior and wiping down your vehicle’s interior.
  • Wiping down windows in the shade or when temperatures are cooler will prevent the rapid evaporation of window cleaner.
  • Use clean cloths only – Don’t use rags you’ve used for other cleaning tasks on your windscreen, even if you’ve washed them. You could end up with a greasy, oily windscreen from wax or other detailing compounds.
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