The Bioscope – a Unique Cinematic Experience

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The Bioscope is an independent cinema located in Milpark, Johannesburg, where movies shown are not what you would find at any big commercial cinemas. The cinema is devoted to bringing the latest Indie, documentary, arthouse and local films to their big screen. 

Regular events include a monthly French Cinema Club, Dumpling Box Cinema, and a host of annual highlights that people come to enjoy on certain days every year.

By opening its doors for a variety of gatherings, The Bioscope has redefined the concept of event spaces and is a beacon of creativity and flexibility.

The Bioscope goes beyond the traditional film viewing experience. It opens its doors for private events, corporate events, school screenings, birthdays, romantic date nights, comedy and live music shows.

Hire The Bioscope

Committed to versatility, The Bioscope sets itself apart from traditional event spaces, and offers unique private screenings for any number of small-scale events that require an AV theatre.

The Bioscope offers a unique facility for corporate events. They have an HDMI connection for you to connect to your computer at the front of the cinema and will take care of all your food and drink requirements. 

The Bioscope is there for all filmmakers and organisations where you may premier your own film and where all your invited guests may come and see your creation.

It is a great venue for a birthday party where you can show your favourite film and you can bring your own birthday cake and make use of the foyer for further celebrations.

Another great idea is to have your own Karaoke Party in the theatre where you can connect your lap top to their PA and projector and use their corded mic.

It is also a great venue for schools and teachers to be able to screen their set work films and other audio-visual material on any weekday morning.

Or you can host your own gaming party where you bring our own console and wireless controllers and have it connected to the big screen.

Perfect for a date night is their romantic personal package where only two people attend for a special screening.

Food and Drink

The Bioscope Café specializes in pizzas, toasted paninis and salads as well as popcorn, cookies and lollipops. A full bar is available and includes cocktails, wine, slush puppies and coffee. All their food and drink may also be enjoyed in the cinema, with convenient tables in front of you.

There is also a gift shop where you can purchase movie related memorabilia, books, posters and T-shirts.

The professional staff will ensure that every event is tailored to your needs, and that every event is unique and an unforgettable experience.

Contact Details

For more information or to make a booking email them at

The Bioscope may be found at 44 Stanley, 44 Stanley Street, Milpark, Johannesburg.  Find them on Google Maps.

Facebook: @thebioscopecinema

Instagram: @thebioscope

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