Why Frontline Market Research is among the top market research companies in Africa

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Frontline Market Research is certainly among the top market research companies in South Africa and on the African continent. If your company is seeking a better means to improve its business operations – both within South Africa and across the continent, there are few market research companies that can compete on the same level with FMR.

The list of the top market research companies in South Africa also includes firms like AGB Nielsen Media Research, BMi Research South Africa and Ask Afrika.

Why use market research companies?

Conducting market research is a good investment for any business. This is because in today’s competitive business environment, it is often information on the market, and on your competitors, that plays a crucial part in the over-all success of your operations.

While market research companies are invaluable partners for business success, it is also important to have a partner that understands your needs and the market that you want to expand in to.

The good news is that, if your company needs data and insights into specific sectors – such as the size of the outlet universe / population / demographic data or trade / market-related data, Frontline Market Research has built a vast footprint in Africa.

Because of its many years of experience working for multinational companies and big brands across the continent, few market research companies can rival FMR in terms of the size of its networks and the data collection and analysis capabilities that it has built.

“Market research is key to understand the markets within Africa. We have seen successful companies from the USA & Europe, trying to enter the African markets, using the methodologies, and experience gained in these territories, and fail to gain the foothold they needed, as they did not understand the market dynamics here, as it is quite different to what they are used to,” explains  Vaughan Deacon, Client Relations Manager at Frontline.

“Although Africa is evolving quickly, and especially because of this, one needs to understand the market within each country, and a blanket approach cannot be assumed. Even within South Africa, what works within Mpumalanga, will not necessarily work within the Western Cape.

“The diversity within Africa is what makes it appealing, but this needs to be understood, in order to succeed!”

Frontline Market Research is not just another market research company!

Deacon adds; “Frontline prides itself in not just selling ‘off the shelf’ data to our clients, but rather tailoring our products around their specific needs.

“This means using your definitions, your trade channels, your regions, and your list of measures, giving you insights into your world. We become your strategic partner, rather than simply a supplier.”

He notes that Frontline Market Research offers an array of market research solutions that are customisable to your needs and they are constantly innovating and expanding their service offering in order to provide a more holistic offering to their clients.

“Market research is an evolution of continuous learning, and at Frontline, we embrace this philosophy, in order to provide our clients with data they can trust.”

Any list of top market research companies in South Africa and in Africa will certainly not be complete without Frontline Market Research. Find out how they can assist you by calling +27 (0)86 999 0407; emailing info@frontlineafrica.com or visiting them online at frontlineafrica.com. Alternatively, visit Clarendon Court, 9 Lutman Street, Richmond Hill, Port Elizabeth, 6001.

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