7 Basic Tips To Help You Comply With The Occupational Health and Safety Act

occupational health and safety ohs

As employers, we all want to ensure that our employees go home healthy and safe. Compliance with the Occupational Health and Safety Act could however be complex.

Here are 7 Basic Tips to improve health and safety compliance:

  1. Good housekeeping – Clean and neat work areas mitigate the risk of injuries, including slips, trips and falls;
  2. Use the correct tool for the job – Employees are often tempted to use a tool that is the closest or most convenient, rather than the correct tool for the job. This can result in injury;
  3. Wear the correct PPE – Although PPE is the last line of defence when it comes to protecting employees, wearing incorrect PPE for the task or not wearing PPE at all can increase the severity of the injury
  4. “Live equipment” – Always follow proper lock out/tag out procedures prior to performing any maintenance or repair work on equipment. Working on energized equipment can result in serious injuries or fatalities;
  5. Chemical labelling or storage – Improper labelling and storage of chemicals can lead to injuries or other losses including property damage;
  6. Hazard identification & risk assessment – Hazards and the associated risks need to be identified and communicated to employees on a continuous basis. When an incident takes place, review the risk assessment and control measures to mitigate the likelihood of the same incident taking place;
  7. Stop work – Work should be stopped whenever hazards need to be addressed in order to provide a safe working environment.

Ensuring that employees go home healthy and safe will result in avoiding penalties and even prison sentences. The risk is real! Let LabourNet assist you by providing peace of mind.

LabourNet has designed a retainer solutions package for the above from as little as R900 per month, depending on the complexity of your workplace.

If you require a free risk assessment on your premises or need an expert to assist with compliance with the Occupational Health and Safety Act, contact Robbi Niemand, Managing Director of LabourNet Eastern Cape, on 041 373 2994 or 082 824 7359 or robertn@labournet.com

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