Enegro: New SMME beneficiaries in the energy sector graduate


Port Elizabeth saw the second official graduation ceremony of SMME beneficiaries of the bespoke Enterprise and Supplier Development programme, aptly named ‘Enegro’, meaning Energy Growth.

This programme was made possible through the sponsorship of Avon & Dedisa Peaking Power and implementation partner, SAICA Enterprise Development.

The purpose was to provide a customised incubation programme, aimed at developing a network of Black energy consultants to support the Energy sector in South Africa.  

Says Ajay Brijmohan, Chief Operations Officer, Avon and Dedisa Peaking Power, “Avon and Dedisa Peaking Power remains committed to transforming the Energy Sector in South Africa, and each Enterprise and Supplier Development initiative we participate in is a testament to this.”

What is Enegro?

The Enegro programme has continued to evolve and develop into a top-class programme. The introduction of industry experts and personal development coaches alongside the business and financial mentoring has created great impact for Enegro SMMES.

Programme inspired graduate beneficiary Sibongiseni Gaqa, a passionate SMME in Bio gas production, says, “One of my major challenges has been on transitioning from academics to business.

“These are two different worlds and I believe that in order to be able to run your business efficiently you need to be able to link the two successfully. This is where the programme has been of great value to me. I now have a sound business plan.

“Yes, the process is challenging, but the programme has opened my eyes and given me an opportunity to bring my business idea to life. For this I am forever grateful.”

Enegro opens doors for SMMEs

Another SMME who graduated, Lebo Phasha of Lumen Noctis says, “The Enegro programme gave me the opportunity to develop my business concept into a compelling energy sector solution. The global recognition I’ve received has made it all worthwhile.”

Lebo was recently recognised as one of the top 50 global youth solutions as per the United Nation’s Sustainable Development Goals, and was featured in the Sustainable Development Solutions Network Youth’s 2019 youth solutions report.

Another key success of this programme is that one of the SMMEs, MJSL (Pty) Ltd is now trading.

 “In order for us to have true transformation and sustainable economic development as a country, we need to encourage and support the development of SMMEs. This can only be achieved through a collective approach between Enterprise and Supplier Development providers, private companies, corporates and government partners.

“The Enegro programme is an example of this. We are so proud of each graduate, what they have achieved and how they have developed, and we look forward to further impact in 2020 and beyond, especially in this crucial sector,” says Darren Ryder, Project manager of SAICA Enterprise Development.

Says Annie McWalter, CEO of SAICA Enterprise Development, “We are delighted to continue to partner with Avon and Dedisa Peaking Power to boost transformation within the Energy sector.

“This sector plays a vital role in the South African economy and we thank Avon and Dedisa Peaking Power for their commitment to developing SMMEs in this sector.” 

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