Here’s the AA’s petrol price January 2020 prediction

petrol price January 2020

Wondering what January 2020 has in store in terms of petrol and diesel prices? According to the Automobile Association (AA), petrol and illuminating paraffin are set for price drops in January 2020.

However, there might be a fractional increase for diesel.

The Automobile Association based its outlook on unaudited mid-month fuel price data released by the Central Energy Fund.

Petrol price January 2020 prediction

It said that the current picture for the fuel price for January 2020 is pointing to:

  • a decrease in petrol of up to 17 cents a litre,
  • with diesel up by a cent,
  • and illuminating paraffin lower by four cents.

“The Rand has held steady during the first half of December, even appreciating slightly against the US dollar. This has contributed approximately nine cents in price relief. Meanwhile, the landed price of fuels has been mixed, with petrol down slightly, while diesel is up,” says the AA.

The Association says the Rand is on an impressive run of stability which dates back to the start of November, with the trend very slightly stronger against the US dollar.

In addition, basic fuel prices have also kept within a fairly narrow band which has insulated the motorist against the kind of steep price swings seen earlier in the year.

“Although there has been a slight upward oil price trend that has manifested over the past few days, it is too early to tell whether this will persist. Barring any unforeseen surprises, we expect 2020 will kick off with only modest fuel price changes,” the AA concludes.

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