Just Coffee launches ‘Show Some Love to Frontline workers’ campaign

just coffee

Just Coffee is excited to announce the launch of a collaborative campaign with the award-winning Holiday Coffee Company, a strategy to enable the public to show some love and support to their friends and family in the medical field who are under extreme pressure as a result of the COVID-19 pandemic.

The campaign officially launched on Tuesday.

“Just Coffee and Holiday Coffee Company believe that this is a great tool that allows people to easily buy a digital voucher for someone they know and seamlessly send it to them via available digital communication channels, the vouchers can be redeemed at Holiday Coffee Company using the voucher code provided at checkout,” explained Kurt Van Vollenhoven.

“The vouchers can be found on the Home and Hobbies ecommerce store. The vouchers carry R30, R60 and R90 price tags which can be used to redeem one, two or three beverages respectively.

“The really great thing is that ‘beverage’ means ANY BEVERAGE on offer at Holiday Coffee Company.

“We at Just Coffee and Holiday Coffee Company are doing this because we would like to show support to our front line workers and ‘nothing says KEEP GOING, YOU CAN DO THIS like getting blessed with a hot cup of coffee’.”

Van Vollenhoven added that it is also important to note that supporting medical staff in this way not only supports our front line workers but also small business in the Bay.

The link to purchase the vouchers can be found at https://home-and-hobbies.myshopify.com/collections/holiday-coffee-company-vouchers-to-show-some-love-and-support-to-our-frontline-heroes

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