Make the right choice when claiming from the Road Accident Fund

Road Accident Fund

When claiming from the Road Accident Fund, it is important to understand what options are available, and which will provide you with the best outcome.

Do-It-Yourself Road Accident Fund Claims

Claiming from the RAF appears to be straightforward, but in practice, it is a complex process. The decision to claim directly may prove to be a perilous journey for injured victims and the dependants of deceased victims.  

Your claim could lapse, in which case you will not receive any compensation.  You also run the risk of an improper assessment of your injuries or calculation of the loss suffered which will result in inadequate compensation.

Doing It Through An Attorney

Goldberg & de Villiers Inc. specialise in personal injury law and have the knowledge and experience to assist you. We make sure that your claim is calculated correctly and submitted to the RAF in line with the applicable legislation.

Goldberg & De Villiers Inc. are prepared to incur and carry reasonable expenses to be able to take legal against the Road Accident Fund pending finalisation of your case in the event that we believe your claim will succeed.

Goldberg & De Villiers Incorporated has over 85 years of accumulated valuable know-how, expertise and skills to achieve top settlements and awards in RAF matters.

Directors Kugen Pillay and Herman Bekker will ensure that your claim is timeously, correctly and comprehensively submitted to the RAF and that you receive the correct compensation for the damages suffered as a result of your injuries sustained..

More information: or make an appointment by phoning 041 5019800.

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