SACCI notes Tito Mboweni’s Medium Team Budget Policy Statement

supplementary budget

The South African Chamber of Commerce and Industry (SACCI) said it notes the Medium Team Budget Policy Statement (MTBPS) delivered by Minister Tito Mboweni on Wednesday.

According to CEO: SACCI, Alan Mukoki; “The MTBPS highlighted the well-known economic challenges facing our Nation.

“These challenges have been with us for a long period now and were exacerbated by the COVID 19 pandemic.

“In the context that we find ourselves in, characterized by widespread unemployment and stubbornly low levels of economic growth and real investment, SACCI expected a greater sense of urgency and clear details on deliverables.

“Furthermore, we await to see if the Statement will bolster and lift Business Confidence. “

Mukoki added; “We hope the government will urgently put together specific action plans with timelines to bolster state capacity to successfully implement the Economic Recovery and Reconstruction Plan that was delivered by the President and supported by the Minister’s budget.”

He said that following the Economic Recovery and Reconstruction Plan, SACCI called upon the Presidency to review the skills set, ethics and performance culture within the State, to determine whether the State is fit for purpose to execute the required Economic Recovery and the attainment of a better economy.

“We hope the anticipated action plans that should follow on the MTBPS will address these critical gaps.

“We also look forward to engage the state on the firm role to be played by the private sector in the envisaged public-private partnership,” Mukoki described.

“Whilst the state should play a transformational role in policy development and infrastructure investment, it is the private sector to whom the state should rely on, in driving the necessary capital investment across the economic sectors and create the necessary jobs.

“The Economic Recovery and Restructuring plan must be a pronounced reality in all aspects of Government’s work so that ordinary South Africans and the Business Community have a clear sense that we are indeed a Nation at work, progressing together towards a prosperous Economic future.”

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