SMK Generator and Compressor Specialists your professional service & repair partner

smk generator and compressor specialists

Established in 2017, SMK Generator and Compressor Specialists is a Durban-based company that provides professional generator and compressor services, repairs and accessories to the home and small business market.

This husband-and-wife-run company is now trusted by many for the quality of its products and services.

“We manufacture generator silencers, generator exhausts with flexihose and sound dampening enclosures – our sound dampening enclosures reduce generator and compressor noise by up to 45%!” describes Sharon Klopper, co-owner at SMK.

Their exhausts with flexihose have been shown to help remove toxic harmful gases from garages etc where many people will place their generators.

The company also does enclosures for portable generators, which includes cooling fan and fire-resistant insulation.

“Enclosures are painted with weather-resistant paint,” explains Klopper, who adds that every product is custom-designed for each customer.

Reduce generator/compressor noise with SMK Generator and Compressor Specialists

Thanks to load-shedding, there has been an increased proliferation of portable generators in urban areas for home and business use. However, these generators have also become a nuisance – pitting neighbour against neighbour, due to noise pollution.

As a result, many cities and towns have formulated by-laws on acceptable levels for noise in built-up areas. Those not wanting to be caught on the wrong side of the law, SMK Generator and Compressor Specialists are the solution!

“We realized there was a need for reducing noise levels of generators in complexes, businesses and built up areas,” says Klopper.

She adds that they can work on all recognized SABS-approved generator and compressor brands.

“However, at this stage in the growth of our company, we can only service clients in the KwaZulu Natal Province.”

Why choose them

Klopper adds that SMK Generator and Compressor Specialists is unique in its offering.

“We differ in that we supply a wide variety of services whereas generally companies only support one or other aspect of these products,” she describes.

“We also supply individual, personalized service.

“Our technical expert and designer is A-Card certified in servicing and repairing engines.”

SMK Generator and Compressor Specialists is open Monday to Friday from 08h00 to 16h30 and on Saturdays from 08h00 to 12h00. However, all work is done on-site.

Visit them at 2 Sprowston Farm, Stanger, Durban. For more information, call +27 60 681 0138; email or visit them online at Follow them on Facebook HERE.

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