3 Key Reasons Why Your Social Media Marketing Isn’t Working

social media marketing

Social media has helped drive successful results for many businesses around the world, so why isn’t it working for yours? We unpack three key reasons below.

Reason #1: You’ve lost the social element

If your social media marketing isn’t working, you may have lost sight of the fundamental element of social media: being social. As much as your product and service might solve their problems, consumers aren’t on social media to be sold to. They’re there to be social. To see and engage with interesting, informative, and entertaining content with that human touch.

Businesses who succeed in social media marketing understand this from the outset – and aim to strike a balance between promotional content as well as engaging content that exists solely to add value to their customers’ lives.

Being social and adding value helps earn the attention and trust of customers; two rare commodities in today’s competitive market. If your customers aren’t engaging with your social media content, start by considering whether it is engaging in itself.

Reason #2: You aren’t utilising paid advertising

Did you know that, on average, only 5.5% of your Facebook followers are likely to see your posts? This means that, unless you undertake paid advertising to increase your reach, the remaining 94.5% of your audience will miss out on that content altogether. It’s easy to see how this can negatively impact your social media results.

Investing in paid advertising won’t only help expand your reach and brand awareness; there are plenty more benefits to doing so. One of the biggest drawcards is the sheer volume of targeting options available, which will help you to reach a specific audience likely to be interested in your products and services.

Depending on your goal, paid advertising will also improve your likelihood of success. Whether that be to increase your consumer engagement, website traffic, leads, or sales. If you’ve been holding back on outlaying an advertising budget, dip your toe into paid advertising for a greater chance at success.

Reason #3: You didn’t formulate a plan

In social media, as in business, it’s important to have a plan in place before jumping in. The lack of a formalised social media plan may start to show in your page’s content, which could come across as disjointed, inconsistent, and not relevant to any particular audience.

Amongst others, your plan should clearly identify the audiences you’d like to target as well as the goals you’d like to achieve. It should also outline the roadmap for how you will go about achieving those goals, including the chosen social media platforms, posting schedule, content themes, and advertising budget.

While we recognise that there may be any number of factors at play, the above three factors form the foundation of successful social media marketing efforts. If your business’s social media marketing isn’t working, speak to the digital marketing team at Online Innovations for a social media audit and strategy. Contact us on 041 365 4919, mail sales@onlineinnovations.com or visit www.onlineinnovations.com to discover how we have helped businesses succeed in the online space.

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