Take Ownership of Your Future with Shaw Academy!

Shaw Academy

Those, who frequent social media, have probably already heard about the innovative Shaw Academy. Affordable and accessible, Shaw Academy was founded in 2012 and offers the opportunity for people around the world to earn their own Diploma.

Their main mission is to deliver great education, to empower individuals with the skills needed, to follow any career path they seek. They have a variety of online courses to choose from, each presented via unique interactive webinars.

Students are required to select two days they are available during the week to attend their lessons. Should they miss a lesson, no problem, as each lesson can be rescheduled as many times as necessary.

Shaw Academy understands that most of its students are of the working class and takes measures to accommodate for that.

Not only can you receive a quality education and earn an internationally recognised diploma at Shaw Academy, but you can achieve this at practically no cost!

Use Shaw Academy to Kick Start Your Future!

Shaw Academy, based in Dublin, Ireland, is run by a large team of skilled businessmen. The current Chairman; Stephen Murphy, was the former CEO of the Virgin Group after directly succeeding founder Sir Richard Branson in 2005.

This online academy has multiple faculties, with a selection of courses, within each, to choose from; there is so much to be learned at Shaw Academy, from the arts to business there are no limits placed on the heights you can reach with this, one of a kind, online platform.

All their internationally recognised Diplomas are Credit Rated by the European Qualification Framework as an EQF Level 5. This is equivalent to a NQF Level 6 in South Africa.) So it doesn’t matter what country you come from or where you want to go, there are no limits placed on what you can accomplish with Shaw Academy.

There are a selection of faculties available, namely; Photography, Technology, Health & Wellness, Finance, Marketing, Design, Beauty, Music, Business, and Language. Each with a variety of courses to choose from, such as; Digital Marketing, Nutrition, Photography, Financial Trade and Investment and so much more.  

Shaw Academy is easy to navigate and incredibly affordable!

Effortless and affordable, getting started with your online course is super easy. Every interactive webinar is guided by expect educators in the field. Shaw Academy has adopted a world class team of South African educators, who work passionately to provide you with up to date, engaging content, that is guaranteed to leave you wanting more.

Students can schedule two live lessons a week, at a time that suits them best. During these lessons, students can interact with other students, from around the world, attending the lesson at the same time. They will also have access to Morpheus, an AI, that is capable of answering most questions. Once the lesson is complete, students will have unlimited access to the recording thereof, to reflect upon what they have learnt.

Students are further supported by Student Guidance Managers who assist them throughout their learning experience. These trusted advisors are available to answer any questions students may have and to guide students to select courses that are best aligned with what they want to achieve. No question is left unanswered and you can enjoy a true, interactive learning experience.

Each course consists of 1 or more modules. Each module contains 8 lessons and takes 4 weeks to complete. To receive the diploma in your chosen course, each module will need to be completed and passed, but don’t stress, there are multiple attempts available.

The first month is free and no limitations are placed on the amount of courses you can sign up for. Take advantage of this opportunity and try as many courses as you like, to discover what you are truly passionate about. To put it into perspective, learning with Shaw Academy, for 1 year, will cost less than a cup of coffee a day. So at practically no cost you can gain as many diplomas as you like and transform your future. It’s a no-brainer, take action for your future today!

Success stories at Shaw Academy

“I love Shaw Academy! I took the Photography class and I loved every minute of it! I learned more in the first few lessons of this online course than I did during my University’s photography class!” – Anna Burnham.

“I love my diet weight loss and nutrition course thank you to my lecturer Stacey your amazing and very helpful thank you for making our lesson fun and interesting really glad and water challenge and exercise challenge accepted going to make you proud and all fellow students would love to communicate and help each other.” – Stacey De Beer.

“Kudos to Shaw Academy especially Tom Dally of Foundation Trading Programme, Thomas Woods of Diploma in Photography and Daniel Byrne of Social Media Marketing. It’s been wonderful experience since day one till date, though I couldn’t be on Live class due to my region network but watching the recording is enough for someone who really want to learn and knows what he or she is doing.” – Rauf Tunde.

“There is such a variety of courses available with wonderful live interaction during webinars. I love the Sports Nutrition course I am currently taking, so much that I have signed up for several more courses.” – Carol Lewis Akers.

So what are you waiting for? Visit the Shaw Academy website at www.shawacademy.com today to sign up for one of their courses today! Remember that the first module is free!

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